This site is dedicated to remembering the Tulsa Roughnecks, a team in the North American Soccer League from 1978-1984

*** What are your thoughts on a team in Tulsa going by the name the "Tulsa Roughnecks?" ***

Billy Caskey:  Well, I don’t know how the fans would feel about that.  That’s a one off thing that’ll never happen again.  They’ll never resemble the Roughnecks that we had here, all those years ago.  I think the name should be put to rest and put down in history. 

Victor Moreland:  Well said!  Put to rest, buddy, brilliant.



Tulsa Roughnecks Celebrate 1983 Championship Season

Tickets are onsale now for the Tulsa Sports Charities event on Monday, October 14th.

Currently we have confirmed Billy Caskey, Winston DuBose , Iraj Danaifard, Victor Moreland, Alan Woodward, Charlie Mitchell, Steve Earle and Alex Skotarek.  Additional players will be confirmed soon.
From The KOTV Vault: Tulsa Roughnecks Welcomed Home After Winning 1983 Soccer Bowl

TulsaRoughnecks.com welcomes:
The NPSL's Tulsa Athletics....
The completed the regular season as division winners with a 10-0-2 record.
South Central Pts GP W T L GF GA GD
Tulsa Athletics   32 11 10 2 0 44 9 35
Liverpool Warriors   22 11 6 4 2 36 12 24
Houston Regals SCA   7 11 2 1 9 15 50 -35
Houston Hurricanes  6 11 1 3 8 10 34 -24

Check out the Tulsa Athletics NPSL supporters page on this site or email usrufnex@tulsaroughnecks.com

Originally Published: 11/30/2009
Survey backs fun, games at stadium

Family entertainment is wanted at the ex-baseball field, it shows.
By KEVIN CANFIELD World Staff Writer


Asked to rank what type of general uses they would most likely support, respondents' top three answers were: a multiuse sports complex (812); public events such as concerts and festivals (648); and development of entertainment options (444).

A follow-up question asking respondents to get specific garnered a similar response: 352 said they would like the site to be used for a soccer field, 107 wanted to see outdoor concerts and festivals there, and 103 suggested the space be used for an amusement park.

When the survey asked what types of activities should take place at the existing stadium, soccer again came out on top, followed by concerts and festivals, and baseball.


"We've only been in the league two and a half years and already half the teams hate us... Give me another two years and we'll have them all." 
Noel Lemon (1944-2012), 1980 Tulsa Roughnecks GM


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